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The Flower of Enlightenment

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Zen, Buddhism, and Religion

The Flower of Enlightenment. All art and poetry by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon

Religions are like the twisted branches of the Bodhi Tree, pointing a path into the heavens, burgeoning in the starlight. Buddhism is merely a leafy limb, gathering sun, offering a shade of truth to those suffering through the heat of day.
Bodhi Tree

Love is a fig of nourishment, feeding the roots of life with compassion through a mind that flows like water into the form of everything that consumes it.
The Fig of Love

Zen teaches how to concentrate your streaming thoughts like a powerful river  carving a canyon into the earth, exposing the knowledge hidden beneath the surface.
The Heart of Consciousness

The wisdom of the world collects in a sea of shared consciousness. Meditation helps quell the storms of emotion, calming the ocean into a clear mirror reflecting the magnificence of the universe across the horizon.
The Sea of Consciousness

While the shifting face of the moon spins time in a circle, the wind blows, dancing with the waves in a stirring motion, and the breaking surf chants the mantra of nature to the rhythm of the tides.
The Moon Spins Time in a Circle

As the stars swirl around, appearing like an iris in the eye of the galaxy, the trailing light enters the pupil of a celestial body, fertilizing the seed of the future in a black hole at the center of everything, where the empty mind blossoms into a flower of enlightenment.
The Flower of Enlightenment

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