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Meditation Classes

Guided Meditation Classes

Held every Thursday

7-8 PM

Sign-up to Attend in Person

at 86 Joy Street, studio 5R

Somerville, MA

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Are you curious about meditation or seeking to deepen your practice? Join us for our weekly guided meditation class, where you can explore various techniques in a supportive community environment.


Every Thursday from 7-8 pm, Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon leads us through a journey of meditation, offering guidance and support along the way. Together, we practice a range of techniques including mind-body breathing, gratitude meditation, forgiveness meditation, affirmations, prayer meditation, and mantra meditation.


In addition to the guided meditations, each session includes a discussion on moving meditation and a question and answer session, providing opportunities for reflection and learning.


Please note the format may vary slightly from week to week. The third Thursday of every month features a longer Dharma Talk and Mantra Meditation, offering a unique exploration of Zen philosophy and practice.


All are welcome to attend, regardless of experience level. Come and experience the benefits of meditation in a welcoming and supportive community! 


While the class is free of charge, donations are greatly appreciated to support the Zen Art Center's mission to cultivate inner peace and harmony in the world. Your generosity enables us to expand our schedule of offerings and continue serving our community.


Next Class:

Thursday, 7-8 PM

86 Joy Street, Studio 5R

Somerville, MA 02143

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Mind-Body Breathing

Mantra Meditation

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Meditation Playlist

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