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Featured Art

By Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon
Guanyin kwanseum bosal the Dragon Rider. bodhisattva of mercy, love, and compassion
Iridescent Humingbird with stain glass flowers
Baby Dragon - Hatchling
A three headed dragon with one head breathing fire
A portrait of a rainbow dragon surrounded by flowers
A portrait of a water dragon
A bright and beautiful supernova exploding
A flaming phoenix
The Pure Life (Pura Vida)
A rainbow dragon on top of a mountain
A portrait of a rainbow dragon
A rainbow dragon on a cliff
A young rainbow dragon
A luna moth with ornamental boarders
A Gilded Bee
a sunset with a fibonacci distribution of color
the stars shine during twilight on the beach
The reflection of an eye at the center of the universe
Fire and Water
A yin and yang symbol made of dragons and flowers
A lionhead rabbit emerging from water
A seahorse in seaweed
An art noveau tiger portrait
A tree in field that is half on fire
The energy of the mind piercing the heart of the universe like a sword
The energy of the mind rippling through the cosmos
The light of the mind illuminates the tree of conciousness in the universe
The heart of the univers
A portrait of the bodhisattva of love and compassion
A portrait of Buddha
a portrait of the Bodhisattva of Earth
The Mind of the Universe connecting the starts, galaxies, and planets like neurons
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