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Zen Master
Sebastian Rizzon

Artist • Poet

While living at the the Shim Gwang Sa (Mind Light Temple) from 2005-2021, Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon had the unique experience of living with and learning directly from enlightened Zen Master Chang Sik Kim for over 16 years. He is currently working on creating visual art and editing his upcoming book, Into the Mind, a poetic exploration of the Zen practice. He has been a Zen Sword and Martial Arts Master in the art of Shim Gum Do (Mind Sword Way) and Shin Boep (Body Dharma) since 2012 and founded the Zen Art Center at the Joy Street Studios in Somerville in 2021, where he teaches students how to use Zen practice and meditation to find inspiration and enhance the art of life.

Apple cut with sword
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Apple cut with sword
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