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Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon

Dharma Teacher • Artist • Writer • Martial Arts Master

In 2021, Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon founded the Zen Art Center at the Joy Street Studios in Somerville, providing a nurturing space for individuals to explore the profound connections between Zen practice, meditation, and the art of life itself. With compassion and expertise, he guides students on how to use Zen practice and meditation as sources of inspiration, while empowering them to enhance their artistic expressions and embrace a more mindful existence.


Zen Master Rizzon’s spiritual journey began in 2005 under the guidance of Great Zen Master Chang Sik Kim, the Founding Master of Shim Gum Do Zen and martial arts school. He spent 16 transformative years living at the Shim Gwang Sa temple, fully immersing himself in the study and practice of Zen. His unwavering dedication and profound understanding of Zen philosophy, meditation, martial arts, and dharma led to the prestigious rank of Universal Light Zen Master in 2019.


After taking his first precepts in 2006, Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon was given the Dharma name Mu Shim Gum. He was ordained as Dharma Instructor in 2010 by Great Zen Master Chang Sik Kim, and received dharma transmission by becoming a Dharma Master in 2014 officially making him the 80th teacher in his lineage tracing back to Buddha. During his test to become a master he demonstrated the power of his mind in front of other masters and community members by cutting an apple in half while it rested upon another student’s stomach.


Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon is a multi-talented individual within the realm of Zen Buddhism and martial arts, he has excelled as a Zen Sword and Martial Arts Master, specializing in the art of Shim Gum Do (Mind Sword Way) and Shin Boep (Body Dharma). His profound commitment to cultivating both physical and spiritual aspects of Zen practice is evident in his teachings and guidance.

Beyond his role as a Dharma Master, Zen Master Rizzon is an accomplished writer and visual artist. Currently, he is immersed in the creation of his debut book, "Into the Mind," a poetic exploration of Zen practice that invites readers on a transformative journey of self-discovery. His written words, infused with profound insights and poetic beauty, reflect his deep understanding of Zen philosophy. Alongside his writing, his artistic expressions serve as a complementary medium for conveying the wisdom and beauty of Zen Buddhism, offering viewers a visual experience that resonates with the depths of their being.

Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon's diverse expertise in Zen practice, martial arts, writing, and visual arts reflects his profound commitment to sharing the transformative power of Zen Buddhism. Through his teachings, artistic endeavors, and founding of the Zen Art Center, he continues to inspire and guide others on a path of love, creativity, and self-discovery.

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A portrait of Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon
Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon raises his sword as he prepares to chop an apple in half as it sits on another persons stomach
Zen Maste Sebastian Rizzon using a sword to cut an apple in half wthat is sitting on another persons stomach
A close up of Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon's sword slicing an apple in half on another person's stomach
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