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Love (The Light of the Mind)

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

The mind moves faster than the speed of light, shining the energy of creation through a prism of celestial bodies, penetrating reality, illuminating everything known, casting a dark shadow of itself behind every form in its wake.

As the light cascades throughout the galaxies scattered around the universe like fields of mirrored flowers, countless stars swirl around the pupils of the sparkling eyes in space.

The seeds of existence glisten like dewdrops covering the faces of the planet, fertilized by the glimpse of a star’s love as they sprout from the earth. Growing into a tree of life flourishing in the spring sun, branching out to embrace the coming seasons with empty hands,

basking in the warmth of day seeking to reflect the beauty in the heavens, offering their pink flowers to the clear-blue summer sky, radiating beauty like the gleaming stars held in the invisible arms of night.

Each blossom transforms the light into a fruit of compassion, ripening to feed the smiles on the faces in the crisp autumn air,

carrying the sweetness of love into the eternity of the mind as it sleeps through the winter of dreams.


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