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Dreams in the Sky (Prayer & Gratitude)

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

The blue-eyed grass gazes into the sky, imagining heaven above the clouds,

beyond the violent weather of the world in a galaxy of eternal peace;

growing with the meadow to the rhythm of the seasons; reaching out for love with one mind, meditating on the mantra of the sun, chanting in unison while praying for water.

The gracious air listens, gathering the strength of the clouds, wielding the power of thunder to rain with compassion as the teary-eyed grass bows in gratitude until the storm passes.

At night, the flowers sleep, and the unfettered mist rises, planting our dreams in the sky with millions of stars, appearing in the darkness like shiny silver coins cast into a well, wishing to persuade the will of the universe.

When the sparkling seeds illuminate the heavens with inspiration, the eye’s mind becomes a clear mirror in the emptiness,

reaching the full bloom of enlightenment as a reflection blossoms in an explosion of beauty.

Poem & Art by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon

"The Blue-Eyed Grass of Enlightenment"

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