Shim Gum Do Founding Master Great Zen Master Won Gwang Chang Sik Kim

Updated: Sep 7

Sa Bu Nim jumps into the sky with the rising sun

swinging around his mirrored blade, slashing through the wind,

spinning in the air like a sparkling gem with 10,000 eyes,

reaching out with rays of light in 10,000 directions.

A guiding star, illuminating the Mind Sword Way,

shining like the seed of enlightenment in the heart of the galaxy.

Keeping us on the path as the planets stay in orbit,

creating a circle of clear action, clear thinking, and a clear mind.

Teaching us that practice is needed like water every day,

crystallizing the forms in the mind into a growing diamond,

sprouting to life with the movements of a mirrored flower,

reflecting the blossom of a supernova in an infinite blade of light,

piercing a hole through the darkness of eternity

leaving only the hands of gravity holding the emptiness.

As the light swirls like tears around the eyes of the universe,

each pupil remains holding the unseen sword of the mind,

casting the shadow of an onyx seed taking root far beyond sight.

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