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Light Energy Rippling Through the Cosmos

The Zen Art Center

Using Zen Meditation to Enhance the Art of Life

Offering Instruction in The Mind Light Way

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Featuring Art, Writing, and Dharma by Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon

The Jewel in the Lotus

By Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon


What is the mind? 


To cultivate this flower, sow the seed.

To see the seed blossom, clear your mind.

To clear your mind, remain focused on your mantra.


Your mantra is like the jewel in the lotus,

“Om mani padme hum”


When the mind is clear, its light radiates throughout the universe.

As the jewel in the lotus reflects emptiness like a mirror,

The light illuminates the mind.


This is “The Mind Light Way."

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Featured Art   

By Zen Master Sebastian Rizzon 

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A supernova in the universe
A manja, the wheel of life

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